Everybody needs a good ice cream dessert for a snowy day such as this! I'm serious. I don't believe in eating ice cream only in the summer time. It is, in my opinion, the most perfect food and the one I would choose if I had to eat only one thing for the rest of my life. I am about to change your life with this ice cream soda. If you don't like coffee ice cream, then this isn't for you, but if you do....hold on to your hats.

This recipe is from my oldest friend's mom, who is a native New Yorker. We actually met in Phoenix as young kids, when we both lived there for a time. Her mom would serve us up these sodas back in elementary school, and even at that age, I found these coffee-flavored sodas to be absolutely divine. I have made them periodically throughout adulthood, but always make them when my husband's stepdad visits. They were here last week, and everyone requested just a small soda for dessert after our big pizza dinner. I decided to make mini-sodas, and then my husband joked that maybe they should be called "Minne-sodas" since Bryan only gets to eat them when in Minnesota. So it stuck. Sorry, Diane, though these will forever be credited to you, I think we have decided that the name must officially be The Minne-Soda. Enjoy, friends!


The Minne-Soda

-recipe from Diane Witkowski, one of my very favorite people

  • Haagen-Daazs coffee ice cream (accept no substitutes!!!)
  • milk
  • chocolate syrup (I happen to really like Trader Joe's Organic Midnight Moo these days)
  • cream soda (you technically are supposed to use New York Seltzer Cream Soda, but I have never seen it here...do they still make it? A&W seems to work just fine)

Grab yourself a nice tall glass and pour about 1-2" of milk in the bottom. Add some chocolate syrup--a lot of it. You want it to be really chocolaty. I don't know how much, but make it enough to turn the milk a deep color. Maybe 1-2 T. Next add several scoops of the ice cream (by several, I mean just enough to lightly fill your glass, or more if you are an ice cream addict like me). Fill the glass with cream soda and stir lightly. Top off with a bit more cream soda. Serve with a long spoon and a straw, and enjoy a little bit of heaven right here on earth.