Welcome to the space where I gab about food. I come from a long line of skilled home cooks and warm hostesses, and learned early on that cooking is an expression of love.  While I’m constantly trying new recipes, I treasure old ones written on recipe cards in the distinct handwriting of my grandmother. I started this blog for two reasons—one, as a way to track what I make for my family, hoping that someday this blog will serve as a record of childhood favorites for my daughters (I’m just waiting for them to decide they like something other than mac and cheese). And two, to share great recipes with my friends. I’ve never understood the idea of a “secret recipe”. If something is so fabulously tasty, why not share it?  


I’m a wife and mother of two living in Minnesota.  Good food is important to me, and I prioritize cooking.  I like to eat seasonally, locally when possible, and believe in balancing solid nutrition with regular treats. I think ice cream is the most perfect food.  Also, I love grocery shopping....can we still be friends?


I’m not a trained chef or a fancy cook.  When I make a recipe there are hungry people waiting at my table, so let’s be real—I won’t be wowing you with beautiful food photography or elegantly plated confections. What you’ll get is a real-time pic with my iphone, a little of my rambling (I cannot resist), and a solid recipe with my stamp of approval—I’ve tried it, it’s worth your time, and you should make this