PBJ Smoothie

PBJ Smoothie

Pre-braces, my breakfast was a little complicated. It was a two-step process involving some yogurt (plain, mixed with honey and cinnamon), and then some steel cut oats mixed with chia seeds, PB2, maybe some nuts, and also fruit. If you've ever gotten a chia seed stuck in your teeth you know that they are little buggers to get out, as they start to swell and gelatinize (is that a word?). I figured they would be a braces nightmare, but I love them in my diet for fiber. I decided I needed a no-fuss breakfast, one step, and one that would not require a full waterpik session as I am trying to get the kids out the door. Hence, this smoothie was born. It's got all the things I desire in my pre-workout breakfast--lots of protein, a little fat, some good carbs, and my beloved chia. Plus, it's portable, so I can still do my chicken-with-its-head-cut-off crazy morning dance.

Oh, so this yogurt. I am grateful to my BFF for telling me about it. Have you tried it? If you like Greek yogurt, then give this a go. The nutritional profile is stellar, and it is incredibly thick and custard-like. It's got a bit more tang than Greek yogurt, so you might want to adjust your sweetener a bit. Icelandic skyr for the win!

Siggis Plain Yogurt | Make This Food Blog

PBJ Smoothie
-recipe mine

-1 cup plain Greek yogurt or skyr
-1 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk (might need a bit more to thin to your liking)
-1 T. peanut butter
-1 T. chia seeds
-1 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)--or I like peaches or raspberries, too. Basically, choose the fruit of the jam you most like in your PBJ.
-handful of ice (if fruit not frozen)
-little squeeze of honey if desired

Blend and go!

PBJ Smoothie

I do what I do because I love it.  The greatest part of existing on this planet is the ability to work with other humans and see their joy come to life.  That's why I work in two different worlds.  

As a wedding planner, I am lucky enough to get to know couples as they go through an intense but really joyful journey. My goal is for you to focus on the marriage part, while I focus on the wedding part of.  Let me take some of the work of your hands and let you two enjoy your day, enjoy the people that will be celebrating with you, and be in the moment.

As a web developer and digital marketer, I get to see your heart and soul come to life on the interwebs.  We get to discuss your goals and your vision, and my hope is that I help that come to fruition. Basically, I am here to make dreams come true, and I could not think of a better way to exist.  

I currently live with my fiancé and attempt to bribe him daily into letting me get a puppy.  Lover of eggs and avocado toast, too many potted plants, a good Netflix binge, and swearing more than my parents would care to hear.

Let's dream together.